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London’s first traditional copper distillery since 1820, Sipsmith has re-introduced the art of handcrafted, small-batch gin production to the city. Every bottle of Sipsmith is hand-crafted in genuinely small batches while every drop of every batch is lovingly labored over by hand by their dedicated distillers. Copper stilled in small batches, this process cleanses the spirit, drawing out many impurities and results in a smooth gin. Sipsmith’s one shot method makes it one of the few gins in the world not to be made from concentrate for an incredible fullness of flavor. Made using only the heart cut of the run, much like a fine single malt scotch, it’s what delivers the gin’s uncompromising quality.

Tasting Notes

Aroma/Nose: Floral like a Summer meadow followed by rounded juniper and a zesty citrus finish
Taste: Dry juniper leads, then reveals lemon tart & orange marmalade, before all the flavors harmonize
Finish: Dryness leads, with spicy juniper and a hint of lemon tart emerging

Perfect Serve

Sipsmith is perfect for a Gin & Tonic, Negroni, or other classic gin cocktails, yet so smooth it’s an essential for a martini. Combine four parts Sipsmith London Dry Gin with one part dry vermouth in an ice-filled glass. Stir until chilled, strain into a chilled coupe glass, and garnish with a lemon twist.