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Since 1874, LOUIS XIII Cognac is forever reborn from the precious eaux-de-vie of Cognac Grande Champagne, handed down through generations and artfully blended. Time is the raw material with which this rare spirit is crafted, its essence unwavering.

Guided by Cellar Master BAPTISTE LOISEAU, LOUIS XIII is the symbol of an enduring bond with Nature and Terroir, strengthened by the patina of age. Each drop is a living legacy, each decanter a celebration of visionary minds and human hands that shape the future by making a mark on tomorrow, today.

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In 2014, then-34-year-old Baptiste Loiseau became the youngest ever Cellar Master to join LOUIS XIII’s esteemed dynasty.

To recreate the cognac’s distinctive flavours and build upon its legacy, he dexterously blends eaux-de-vie from a unique selection curated by his predecessors.

Sustainable Practices

The richness and singularity of LOUIS XIII can be attributed in part to the Grande Champagne terroir. In keeping with the House’s philosophy to think a century ahead, it is committed to preserving this land with sustainable practices and innovative research, as well as reviving the creation of traditional tiercons for future generations of Cellar Masters.

Society & Concierge Service

Take your LOUIS XIII experience one step further. The LOUIS XIII Society is a private members club for owners of LOUIS XIII Cognac decanters. Members enjoy exclusive access to tasting events and experiences, as well as a dedicated Privileged Contact who can learn more about you and your interests and provide tailored service.

The Society also offers complimentary crystal engraving services.

To join the LOUIS XIII Society, Find your code on your LOUIS XIII decanter or your first Coffret’s leaflet page and simply register the number of your decanter to enjoy exclusive access to the world of LOUIS XIII.