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A category of Masterful Malts — and then some! Our offering of Whiskies presents a comprehensive menu, sourced from the world’s most renowned countries, including:

All whisky is special, but we know what you’re after when you’re searching for Whisky specials or Whiskey specials. By the way: Did you know that the “e” in Whiskey traditionally means an Irish Whiskey? The Irish added the ‘e’ in 1875 to distinguish themselves from the Scottish and American versions that began emerging on the market

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Not only are you guaranteed a diverse range, we at Norman Goodfellows offer great Malt Whisky specials at different times throughout the year that we update regularly! Check back to see what options are available to you across our Single Malts and Blended Whiskies alike.

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When on promotion, our Whisky specials are available to you at one of our branches, or here through our online store. And if you know someone who would like to browse for their own tastes, a Gift Card is a sure-win  all year round!


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At Norman Goodfellows, we secure various whisky deals at different times throughout the year and are able to pass that saving onto you. With a large portion of the whiskies we stock coming from the northern hemisphere, their seasonal promotions vary to ours — but the opportunity for the best whiskey specials is never missed, and are made available to you regularly!

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