Shop Wine at Norman Goodfellows

Ah! The wonders of wine! A welcome companion to any celebration or even an evening in to relax and unwind. Even poets have been moved to prose over the complexity and perfection of this delightful drink, and we at Norman Goodfellows are just as passionate about selecting the perfect Pinot and supreme Sauvignon Blanc for your tasting pleasure.

The beauty of wine is in the sheer volume of varieties to suit every palate. Are you’re a lover of white wine, red wine or something a little sweeter like a rosé? Our wide range of wines covers every variety that both local and international vineyards have to offer. We also have a range of low sugar, low alcohol and even organic wines to meet your every preference, not to mention our dessert wines perfect for finishing off a delicious dinner. 

We’re so fanatical about our wines that we don’t even mind being called wine snobs, if that means providing you with only the best and widest variety of wines to choose from. Choose from our carefully sorted selections and find your next favourite wine right here!