White Wine

We can only but applaud our ancestors who discovered white wine all those 6 000 years ago, even if it was an accident! Without them we’d probably still be drinking grape juice. In fact, wine is made in practically every single continent, aside from Antarctica of course.

Norman Goodfellows have scoured every corner of this great Earth to bring you the finest and most flavoursome white wine selection for you to choose from. From fruity and light to refreshing and dry you’ll find the perfect bottle to accompany every mean or celebrate that special moment.

Try our crisp range of Chardonnay wines, a firm favourite the world over, or pick up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc – sometimes spicy, sour fruity or even smokey. More of a Chenin Blanc fan? This light-bodied white wine is a wonderful surprise as it swings between succulently sweet and refreshingly dry.

With so much to choose from we can understand if you might feel like a kid in a candy shop! So go on, we won’t stop you from finding your favourites and trying something different for a change.