Red Wine

It’s been said that those who drink red wine are happier people, and we won’t argue with that! One of the simpler pleasures in life, a glass of red wine in hand, makes life seem all the more delicious. And of course there are all those health benefits that everyone is always telling you about.

Whether you are looking for perfect accompaniment to your meal or as a bottle to share amongst your favourite friends, we’ve chosen the best red wine selection to make every occasion a happy one.

From the charming Cabernet Sauvignon to a memorable Merlot, you are sure to please your palate with our selection of red wine. Why not test some new types to tease your tastebuds with our selection of Shiraz, Pinot noir and tantalising Blends?

At Norman Goodfellows we make sure that you’re only a click away from the next great wine!