Blush wine lovers across the world can thank the Greeks for diluting red wines with water and creating the delightful Rosé. Blush wines can stand head and shoulders tall these days, offering a large spectrum of flavours from bold savoury to mouth-watering fruity - making Rosé a versatile wine that anyone can enjoy.

Today's Blush wines consist of so many varieties that are just begging to be enjoyed, which is why we at Norman Goodfellows have carefully selected a wonderfully diverse range of Rosé’s for you to savour.

The perfect accompaniment to a picnic or a day in the sun, Rosé wines are light and refreshingly good. With its gorgeous soft pink hue, who can resist a chilled bottle of Blush!

Our scrumptious range of Rosé’s will have you finding a new favourite every time. From Blanc de noir’s to Shiraz’s you’re sure to be surprised with every bottle. Go on! Find your next beautiful Blush.