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We’ve scoured every corner of this wonderful world to bring you a roadmap for your whisky exploration. Now it’s your turn to check your compass and set off on a journey of discovery!

Traverse the wild and windy plains of the Scottish Highlands to explore the landmark whiskies of the world. Scotland’s largest whisky region boasts mesmerising styles, from rich and smoky to spicy and floral. Circumnavigate the rocky and rugged Isle of Skye in search of the intense and peaty flavours of its fiercely independent whiskies. The pinnacles and high cliffs of volcanic basalt provide high-quality water that is said to add to the aromas and flavours of this region’s whisky.

Take a quick leap from Scotland to Ireland to marvel at the joviality of their whiskey distilleries widely credited as being the first to distil whiskey, much to the chagrin of the Scots! Savour the expert mixing of these flavours that is often spicy and always smooth.

Charter a route to the often undiscovered whisky lands of Japan and Taiwan delicately perfumed with honeyed sweetness.
Now throw the map away and start your own unchartered expedition into the magical and memorable whisky world!