Enjoy draughts at home!

Rent the Castle Lite Draught Machine with a 30L keg of your choice for 30 days. The draught machine can be used with a variety of kegs from Castle Lite to Stella Artois. The draught machine is available in Johannesburg for now but will be available in Cape Town and Durban soon.

Ts & Cs apply.

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Norman Goodfellows Castle Lite Draught Machine Terms and Conditions

Norman Goodfellows, as sole distributor of the Castle Lite Draught Machine (which for purposes of this rental Agreement will include any ancillary equipment, referred to as Draught Machine) loans to the User of the Draught Machine as set out in the schedule hereto.

  • The rental agreement may only be completed online at The Castle Lite Draught Machine is exclusive to Norman Goodfellows. Only Liquid Loyalty registered customers are eligible to rent the Draught Machine.
  • The Draught Machine will only be delivered to the address on the original order.
    Collection will be done at the address the machine is delivered to. The empty Keg must be returned together with the machine.
  • The rental agreement shall commence on the date of delivery of the Draught Machine and shall run for seven (7) business days from the date of delivery. The customer does not need to send notice for collection after the rental period has expired (unless an earlier collection is required). A Norman Goodfellows representative will contact the customer to arrange for the collection of the machine. (Collections will take place Monday to Wednesdays only).
  • The rental agreement may not be extended; should a customer wish to keep the Draught Machine longer, a new agreement/order will need to be made.
    The Castle Lite Draft Machine is only compatible with SAB 30L Kegs. No other Kegs may be connected to the machine. The SAB Kegs compatible with the Draught Machine are Castle Lager 30L, Castle Lite 30L, Carling Black Label 30L, Budweiser 30L, Castle Double Malt 30L, Hansa Pilsner 30L and Stella Artois 30L.
  • Once a keg has been opened, it must be consumed with in 4-5 days.
    It is not the responsibility of Norman Goodfellows staff members to set up the Draught Machine. It is the responsibility of the customer to study the manual and set up the machine. The draught machine must be connected 24-hours before use.
  • The Draught Machine must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. LINDR DRY COOLER
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they handle the machine with care. Should the machine be damaged in any way, the customer will be held liable for the full replacement value of the machine at R20 000 exclusive of VAT.
  • In the event of the agreement being cancelled, the User irrevocably authorises Norman Goodfellows to uplift the Draught Machine from the address stipulated in the rental agreement and agrees to pay all costs incurred by Norman Goodfellows to secure recovery of the Draught Machine.
  • The Draught Machine comes with extra machine parts such as: Drip tray, Coupler and Keg which need to be returned together when the rental agreement expires.
  • The Draught Machine will always be and remain the sole and absolute property of Norman Goodfellows.
    Norman Goodfellows has the right to cancel or amend the promotion and/ or agreement.