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Experience opulent herbal aromas with a lingering, smooth finish. This unique gin was created from the perfect blend of seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a rich carefully balanced gin.
Description Herbs, dried and fresh tea leaves of buchu and rooibos, cloves, cedar wood shavings and pine are joined by delicate lemon peel, menthol, dark berries, moss and earthiness. Flavours of foresthoney, maple and almonds deliver sweet and toasty notes.
The African Botanicals Gin expresses soft, round and elegant herbal scents that separates this Gin from any other. All botanicals are carefully selected to underline the tempting marriage of South Africa’s indigenous flora and elegant juniper berries.
Perfect Serve You can enjoy all our gin neat, with an ice block or with a tonic. Enjoy this superb gin in a Vesper or straight in a Martini with olive.
Garnish Suggestions Mint or thyme, cinnamon, cucumber or grapefruit.
Botanicals Liquorice, almonds, rooibos, juniper berries, coriander seed, buchu and galangal root.