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A finely structured, smooth, rich whisky; its sweet autumn fruits are perfectly balanced by a nutty, spicy dryness. An autumn walk gathering berry fruits in the woods.

Serving Suggestion:
Serve on the rocks and let the ice melt a little to open up aromas.

Appearance: Deep amber; most attractive, good texture.
Body: Great mouthfeel: light to medium body, softly coating the tongue.
Nose: Soft, inviting, dry, and autumnal. Sweet, stewed fruits (apricot preserve), ripe autumn apples, and rich berry fruits. Soon, roasted nuts; hazelnut, walnut. Wood Scented too; dry tea-leaves, fresh-cut pine resin. The fruits soften, revealing rich vanilla and toffee over chocolate and caramel. This smoothness is finely balanced by subtle cereal; neither overpowering nor cloying. A little water restores the appetising fruit: blackberries, pears in syrup. Vanilla and polished wood too.
Palate: Firm to full. Again dry and sweet, gently dominated by nuts, dark toffee, and gentle mint, before the fruits return as rhubarb and apple juice. Becomes deep and mouth-coating; a hint of almond biscuit, then woody, light spiciness. Late dryness with a rich, silky cocoa bitterness, growing spicy. The fruits darken and run sweetly below. Water cools things; softer and less rich now, dominated by the sweet fruit. Very subtle mint and liquorice toffee notes.
Finish: Sweetness softly introduces a longer, drying oakiness. Stewed-fruit freshness. Wood-smoke spiced with faint black pepper.