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Suncamino is the world’s first floral rum! It is aged for up to 8 years, and infused with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom.
The name Suncamino means “Journey to the sun”. It is a sense of adventure that resonated with two friends from Cape Town with a love for the outdoors and the ocean.

2. Appearance: Observe the colour. The rich golden color is due to the aging in charred ex bourbon, French Oak barrels. Unlike many other rums, Suncamino uses no added colouring.
3. Nose: Before you smell it start from about 10cm above the glass, and move closer as you slowly inhale 4 to 5 times to experience the various high and low level aroma. [Everyone’s senses might experience it slightly different. Tip: After a few inhalation it often helps to reset the nose by smelling something non-invasive but different. The back of the hand/arm will do ]
High aroma: Orange Blossom, Hibiscus, Florals Mid aroma: Vanilla, Spicy Low aroma: Earthy wood, Caramel
4. Palate: Rinse your palate with water before starting. Take a small sip to climatise the pallet to the spirit. Roll it at the front of the tongue, a few seconds at the centre of the tongue, and then a few seconds at the rear of the tongue.

Suncamino appeals to the gin drinkers with its floral aspect, the whisky drinkers with its oak-aged character, and the rum drinkers with its innovation within the category.

(Tip: With the liquid in your mouth, take a deep breath in through the nose, roll the liquid around the mouth, and exhale via the nose after you have swallowed.)
Initial Flavour: Honey, Charred Oak, Orange Blossom & Caramel (typically sweeter notes)

Finishing Flavour: A Lush Floral Finish of Hibiscus & Honeybush. Afterglow: A smooth, wooded rum profile