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Destilería Sierra manufactures seven different kinds of tequilas as well as a liqueur with tequila in order to satisfy different preferences, tastes, and requirements. The differences between them lie in the way they are manufactured and stored.
Each one of the Sierra Milenario bottles carries a different Mayan zodiac sign. These each represent a unique character and illustrate the distinctive qualities of the six tequilas in our Sierra Milenario range.

Crisp fruit, subtle smokiness and a kick of chili. How we make our Fumado tequila is key to its delicious flavour. After cooking the agaves, we put them in a stainless steel container and place this on top of a brazier that burns mesquite and Mexican logs. The pot is perforated, infusing the agaves, so you get to experience an array of crisp fruit flavours paired with smooth, subtle smokiness.