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Malfy Con Limone Gin was the first Malfy expression launched in 2016. Distilled using classic juniper and Sfusato lemon peels from coastal grown Italian lemons with a traditional Italian distilling technique that dates back to a thousand years.

Malfy Gin is a super-premium lemon flavoured Italian gin inspired by the Amalfi Coast. The story began in 1055 with a collection of books compiled under “compendium salarnite,” which includes a recipe for a tonic wine infused with juniper berries—the first reference of what we now know and think of as Gin.

With a crystalline colour, making for an aromatic note of zesty citrus with a background of classic juniper and a taste of lemon zing. Malfy Con Limone Gin is neatly made with a long, complex finish and is deliciously refreshing.

A perfect cocktail recipe with Malfy Con Limone includes 1-part Italian Rosso Vermouth, 1-part fresh lemon juice, and 1-part simple syrup. Best served in an ice-filled tumbler topped with club soda and two dashes of Angostura bitters. Alternatively, enjoy a zesty G&T by mixing Malfy Con Limone Gin with tonic water and garnish with a lemon slice.

Tasting Notes: Lemon zing, long complex finish – deliciously refreshing.

Aroma: Zesty citrus with a background of classic juniper.

Serving Suggestion: Malfy Con Limone Gin is best served with a tonic water and garnished with a lemon slice.