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Honey Reposado -  the sweetest lioness of the pride. It is achieved by infusing raw honey sourced from around Western Cape into the Reposado. Our honey reposado is subtly sweet with hints of a smoky finish.This is great for someone who enjoys something a little sweeter

  • Best served neat or on ice
  • Trophy winner for “Best Tequila Of Show” at the 2019 Old Mutual trophy Spirits Show
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert SA

Tasting notes

Nose: Sweet 'n herbal. Green olives, chilli spice, ground black pepper, honey-drizzled with tendrils of smoke swirling around it's beating mezcal heart.

Palate: Honeycomb sweet, Madagascan green peppercorns coated in a dusting of vanilla, liqueur-like and dangerously quaffable. Caramel and peppery spice tantalise and linger on the finish.

Brand and production information

Leonista 100% Karoo Agave Spirit is the first premium 100% agave spirit (Tequila/Mezcal) made from the agave Americana that has been growing in South Africa for hundreds of years. The piña or heart of the agave is slow cooked for no less than 48 hours in a custom designed wood-fired oven, using smoke and fire to turn starches into sugars and give it a distinct smokey flavor similar to that of a Mezcal. The piñas are crushed and fermented with wild yeast extracted from the plant before double distillation in copper pot stills. This process results in a deliciously smooth spirit with a diverse breadth of flavours, from earthy to smokey and herbaceous to vegetal agave. The spirit is a true reflection of the earth and the soil that it comes from. Inspired by Mexico and crafted in South Africa, Leonista uplifts the local communities by giving a percentage of every bottle sold towards supporting African conservation.


  • Trophy Winner for “Best Tequila of Show” - Old Mutual Trophy Spirits Show 2019

Leonista is dedicated to creating a responsible culture of drinking in South Africa, with a 100% pure spirit. Savour every sip and be conscious of why you drink.


  • Volume: 750ml
  • ABV: 43%
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert SA