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Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka delivers extraordinary quality meeting uncompromising standards. Our Premium Vodka is produced in the North of France, made from the finest winter wheat and the clearest naturally filtered water. It is carefully distilled five times and then triple filtered using activated carbon and diamond dust filters to ensure its distinct freshness and absolute purity. Our cellar master carefully uses the ancestral method to infuse the pure vodka with the softest of sparkling bubbles. Experience a thrilling taste that is exceptionally smooth, leaving the tongue tingling with sensuousness.

We have a passion for detail and quality, from our production process through to the very design of the bottle. Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka exudes charm, delicacy, and the slightest hint of sweetness resulting from the use of select winter wheat, all of which are manifested in the elegant curve of our bottle. Combining the elegance of the bottle with the label's signature fleur-de-lys intimates the uniqueness of our premium vodka. Le Grand Saint is outstanding.