Klipdrift Gold 750ml

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Our Master Distiller spent 2 years experimenting with blending pot stilled brandies of various ages before he struck gold... Klipdrift Gold. Skilfully distilled using only the heart of the spirit and artfully blended, the result is exceptional. Youth meets maturity in this multifaceted brandy that has earned Klipdrift international acclaim. 

As it is blended from pot stilled brandies of up to 21 years of age, the flavours and aromas are beautifully complex. 

Immerse yourself in the aromas of  summer fruits, sweet spices, hazelnuts and chocolate as you prepare to taste an extraordinary full-bodied and multi-layered brandy.

As Klipdrift Gold boasts more flavours, aromas and layers than XO cognacs and premium whiskies, the best way to taste it is neat.

But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying it in a host of other ways.