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Inverroche Coco Capensis Gin is the third entry in The Creative Collection limited-edition gin range.

'Capensis' refers to that which originates from or which belongs to the Cape. It is here, in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, that we harvest the very blooms, roots and berries that sustained us millennia ago to create this tribute to nature, love and life.

• Inverroche Coco Capensis aromas open with a rose pelargonium, cherry blossom and strawberry shortcake.
• A layered and complex gin with ripe raspberries on entry of the palate.
• Hibiscus adds a sherbet edge, followed by the gentle heat from ginger buchu.
• Ruby chocolate and Cape May add a soft creamy texture to every gin and tonic.

Inverroche Coco Capensis Gin is best served with Indian tonic water and garnished with rose petals and pomegranate seeds