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This deliciously different, more natural bubbly was created without the use of additional sugar in the dosage. Dosage is the liqueur which is added just after disgorging. It consists of a mixture of reserve wine and very pure cane sugar. The quantity of residual sugar in the bottled wine (the remaining natural sugar from the grapes, and any sugar that is added) determines the type and style of sparkling wine.


The Graham Beck Brut Zero joins the ranks of the very few zero dosage wines. It’s a category gaining in popularity amongst chefs, sommeliers, fashionistas and food enthusiasts and due to its ultra dry, crisp and refreshing characteristics this style of bubbly will find many fans amongst the health conscious.


The absence of dosage allows the intrinsic qualities of the wine and its terroir to shine through more clearly. Minerality, partially or even completely hidden by the dosage, is also better perceived while the wine's complexity (its richness in aromas) is also greater. This unique style of wine can only be crafted in exceptional vintages from the very highest quality juice (tête de cuvée) – thus it is only available in very limited quantities.