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Nose: Initially as soft and comforting as a well-loved jumper, with more fruit than smoke or overtly ‘coastal’ character. Ripe citrus notes and an appealing creaminess, with the merest whisper of smoke in the background. With time and water, dry spices appear, along with honey and dampened embers. Beautifully put together.

Palate: Now the smoke asserts itself, with notes of freshly extinguished bonfire, but it’s only a brief appearance before that fruit – more tropical now, lifted by orange zest – takes over. A knot of intense waxiness sits on the back of the tongue. Sweet caramel toffee and a lift of salt and anis. Water brings out more of that orange zest.

Finish: A shy reminder of smoke.


As a blend, this is a masterpiece and shows the potential of blended malts to display their component characters, but combine them to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Highly recommended.


Dark and light; sweet and savoury. As changeable as  The Sea beneath Sinbad’s Ship.