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Berlucchi '61 Brut Rosé is a soft, pleasant, lightly foamy sparkling wine, with subtle and constant effervescence. It has bright and intense pink shimmers, which can vary slightly depending on the vintage due to the different phenolic ripeness of the Pinot Nero grapes.

On the nose it reveals an elegant bouquet of notes of fruits of the forest and ripe fruit, perfectly mixed with delicate aromas of yeast and bread crust. It is pleasantly grapey, due to the brief maceration of the Pinot Noir on the skins during vinification.

On the palate it is sleek and sophisticated, with good body, excellent acidity and a medium-high dosage of sugar which is the perfect balance to the acidity.

It is excellent as an aperitif, the ideal accompaniment to cured meats, flavourful pasta dishes and cheeses, including aged ones. It's body comes to the fore when paired with shellfish.