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There are two things in this world American’s are quite proud of, their whiskey barrels, and their gun barrels; American Barrels tributes both. With this in mind we artfully designed our bottle fittingly as a shotgun shell, one coiled by and embossed with a classic American icon: The rattlesnake; Our motto: Live Free Or Die: a True American Spirit.

It’s no secret the bottle is a knockout, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. American Barrels Bourbon Whiskey is ultra smooth and rich in flavor with a perfectly balanced caramel-vanilla finish. And at 90 proof, it’s been accused of being “too drinkable.”

American Barrels is a younger bourbon, but don’t underestimate it. We drink our bourbon because it tastes good, not because it has been sitting in a barrel for 10 years, and after you take your first sip of American Barrels, you’ll be in awe of how good our bourbon tastes.

We filter our bourbon through a unique post-barrel ultrasonic refinement process creating a taste profile its shelf mates only wish they could achieve. Not only does this system results in great bourbon to sip, shoot, or mix, but it also alleviates the burden of wait time in production allowing us to meet demand without problem or delay. Another perk is that this system essentially distills any potential hangover right out of the whiskey. Our bourbon is remarkably fine, and undeniably smooth (extremely smooth, dare we say none other smoother) there is no harsh burn, just a soothing warmth coupled with a delicious flavor.