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Made exclusively from natural ingredients, Absolut Vodka embodies the true taste of vodka - a spirit that is smooth but still accentuates any cocktail without disappearing into the mixer. Absolut Vodka launched in New York, 1979. The transparent and label-less bottle was inspired by an 18th Century medicine bottle, every drop of Absolut Vodka consumed in the world today comes from the same place: the distilleries near Åhus in southern Sweden. Grain is used from nearby fields and water. Built in 1906, the Åhus distillery combines the best of old, local distilling tradition with the best of modern technology.  Vodka is column-distilled, a process that essentially strips most of the flavour compounds from the distillate, leading to an almost completely neutral spirit. Absolut Original Vodka has an aroma that is slightly doughy bread, Ryvita crispbread, and black pepper. The taste offers hints of caramel and vanilla with a fresh and fruity finish.Absolut Original Vodka is best enjoyed neat with ice, or soda and garnished with lime. It can also be enjoyed in cocktails such as Elderflower Collins, Espresso Martini, or Bloody Mary.