Drinking Liqueur

Doesn’t the word Liqueur just slide every so smoothly over your tongue? It’s a fitting word for a wonderful liquid that makes for a smooth end to a superb meal, or just for sipping on a chilly night.

We can thank those bald-headed monks in Italy for creating this sweet distilled spirit, which was actually a medicine back in the 13th century! These days, liqueurs are made practically everywhere and can be served by themselves, over ice or with coffee to add a little something yummy.

We’ve taken extra care and time in compiling the best in drinking liqueurs for your enjoyment. Whether you are whipping up your favourite cocktail or simply selecting a bottle for an extra special treat, you’ll find a fantastic range of fine and fragrant drinking liqueurs.

Spoil yourself with something sweet or spicy and savour every delicious sip of your favourite silky smooth liqueur.