Glendalough Irish Whiskey 7yr

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Along with whiskey, Ireland is famous across the world for fine stout and porter. We've swapped barrels over the years with our friends in the 5 Lambs Brewery , and found that finishing our whiskey in barrels that had previously held their Black Pitts porter  brings our single malt to incredible depths. Made with roasted chocolate barley, it amplifies the malt notes while layering on rich, dark flavours.

Inspired by the 7 hard years that St Kevin spent in the wild and the "city of 7 churches" he came to build at Glendalough. Have a look on the bottle, you’ll see 7 silver crosses. These will lead you to each of the 7 churches, should you ever be stirred into going to Glendalough.

The nose. Sweet with toffee apples, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The taste. Smooth and warm with mandarin orange, cocoa, toffee and cooked fruit, followed by clove and peppery spices. The finish. Long and spicy with toasted oak, treacle and brown-sugared coffee notes.