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Here at Norman Goodfellows we take our whisky just as seriously as you do. Through careful consideration we have compiled an extensive range of whiskies selected from the finest whisky distilleries to suit every whisky lover’s palate. 

Whether you enjoy a smooth single-malt on a night out, or just relaxing after a hard day’s work with your favourite blend on hand, you’re sure to find some old friends in our whisky selection, and why not find some new ones? Explore the collection by type or even take a quick trip through the countries that have created some of the finest whiskies to ever grace this earth.

Whether you love the smoky flavours of the Highland, Scotland, the punchy notes of Japan or the vanilla finish of South Africa you are sure to be taken on a journey of discovery and pure enjoyment.

There’s a whole world out there of whiskies waiting to be explored, and it’s all under your very fingertips. Start your discovery right here!