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A double-distilled blend of 18 different intensely aromatic Caribbean rums, varying from light and crisp to more concentrated fruity rums. This renowned rum stands out from the rest. From its very first bottle in 1852 to the one manufactured today, Red Heart is still made the way it has always been – using fine Caribbean pot still rums, aged in white oak casks and blended with care. Red Heart’s award-winning flavour is bold and distinctive. A rum with heart.
Red Heart Rum has a rich history and has developed a strong connection to the military and navy over the years. In 1852, the rum was first bottled and given to British soldiers in the Crimean War. It is believed that a British General once said, “Red Heart! A robust blend of rums that did much to solace the troops.” Just before WWII, Red Heart Rum would find its way to South Africa and go on to hold the title of the number one rum on the market for almost 70 years. Red Heart Rum collected a Gold Medal in 2009 at the International Spirits Challenge, London. Developed with a rich blend of 13 different rums, Red Heart is aged in American oak casks that come from Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica.
Red Heart Original Rum is presented in an amber-gold colour liquor with a tasting note that depicts sweet vanilla, spicy, sweet, and lime on the palate. On the nose, the exquisite Caribbean rum reveals an aroma of green apple, orange peel, vanilla, and honey oak characters.
Red Heart Original Rum is best served neat on its own or on the rocks mixed with ice. The Caribbean rum can also be enjoyed with cola, sparkling apple, or ginger ale.