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The Glenlivet, 15 Year Old, is a Speyside single malt whisky that gets its distinctive rich and exotic character from a process of selective maturation in which a proportion of the spirit is matured in French oak casks. The Limousin oak we use is cut in France’s Dordogne region, where it’s often used to mature cognacs. Its low density allows the whisky to sink deep into the wood, with a carefully controlled period of how long the whisky matures in the casks so as not to overpower its unique, pleasing spiciness.George Smith, The Glenlivet's founder, didn't follow the lead of the illegal still owners. In 1824, he obtained a distiller's licence to become the first legal distillery in Glenlivet, Scotland. 50 years later, George finally won the exclusive right to call his whisky ‘The Glenlivet', definitively marking it as the single malt that started it all.To this day, The Glenlivet remains the benchmark that all other Speyside single malts are measured againstWith a deep intense gold colour, The Glenlivet offers a sweet fruity, and delicate spice taste and creamy, rich, buttery flavour on the nose. And finished with a lingering trace of toasted hazelnuts and almonds.Drink to your own preference; neat, in a cocktail, or simply with a drop of water to open the creamy, smooth character. When serving with ice, large cubes are recommended to allow slow dilution releasing the creamy, sweet characters.