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Irish Whisky is no side hobby, for sure! In one, pleasureful category (that we call serious business), Irish Whiskey delivers a fine-tuned offering that includes:
1. Single Malt
2. Single Grain
3. Blended Malt
4. Blended Grain, and
5. Blended

Favouring tradition, most Irish Whiskey is still made in a pot before being distilled three times — which is why it is famed for its smooth character.

Did you know? Reading “Whiskey” or “Whisky” used to be how you could tell you were ordering Irish Whiskey. The Irish added the ‘e’ in 1875 to distinguish themselves from the Scottish whisky and American whisky versions that began emerging on the market. The influx of Irish immigrants into America however meant that the States adopted the same spelling thereafter.

Irish Whiskey Brands Online

Not content with being just another bottle store, Norman Goodfellows has curated an impressive list of Irish Whisky brands for your choosing! From the Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 Arcadian Series to Peaky Blinder, Bushmills Black Bush, Dubliner, Power Johns Lane and Redbreast through to so many more, we’ve got all the svelte, smooth taste (and sophisticated attitude) of the best Irish Whiskey options waiting for you.

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Our Irish Whisky brands are available to you at one of our branches, or here through our online store. And if you know someone who would like to browse for their own tastes, a Gift Card is a sure-win — all year round!


What is the best Irish Whiskey?

A quest to discover the best Irish Whiskey could send you on a life-changing adventure through some of the world’s finest distilleries. But until you plan that, Norman Goodfellows has got you covered.

How much is Irish Whiskey?

By using our online Irish whisky pricing scale, you can manage your budget and select within ranges across our Irish Whiskey price list selection, from R199.00 through to R2,500.00.

Where to buy Irish Whiskey?

Browse, add to cart and get yours delivered with Norman Goodfellows. If you would like to chat to a consultant, call our Order Hotline on 010 594 4814 or do it via email on