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Chardonnay Wines Online

Chardonnay wine is a dry white table wine typically made from a single white, green-skinned grape variety that originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France, but is now grown wherever wine is produced — including right here in South Africa!

Chardonnay Wine Brands

From popular Chardonnay wine makers such as Weltevrede, Franschhoek and Vergelegen to Steenberg, De Westhof and so many more, Norman Goodfellows guarantees a range of Chardonnay wine brands that will meet your selection-needs among the Chardonnay white wine options that we stock.

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At Norman Goodfellows, we’ve curated a wide selection of the best Chardonnay wine brands available to you at one of our branches, or here through our online store. And if you know someone who would like to browse for their own tastes, a Gift Card or composite Gift Box is a sure-win gift — all year round!


How to serve Chardonnay wine?

To get the best taste and enjoyment from your Chardonnay, it’s important to remember serving temperatures; if your Chardonnay is too warm, the alcohol tastes hot while the flavours are muddled. If it is too cold, the aromas and flavours can be muted.

Settle into the relaxation mode by serving your Chardonnay chilled. This is easily achieved by placing your Chardonnay wine in the refrigerator for two hours, or 30 to 40 minutes in an ice-water basin (or bucket).

What colour is Chardonnay wine?

The colour of Chardonnay wine says so much about what you can expect from flavours. These colours can range very pale yellow with hints of platinum to a saturated straw gold. Paler versions of Chardonnay wine means they are unoaked and zesty; a saturated golden Chardonnay will most likely be more oaked and buttery in style.

How much is Chardonnay wine?

Manage your budget best when you compare Chardonnay prices with Norman Goodfellows across our online pricing brackets that mean you can search for options from under R99.00 — through to R2,500.00.

Where to buy Chardonnay wine?

Browse, add to cart and get yours delivered with Norman Goodfellows. If you would like to chat to a consultant, call our Order Hotline on 010 594 4814 or do it via email on