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The Creative Collection Coco Carissa;

Crossing land and ocean, we share with each other and this inspired the innovation that is Coco Carissa. A blend of Africa,  South America, India  and Europe forged the harmonious fusion needed to bring to life No. 1 of the Creative Collection. Key ingredients being the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree which grows in the Amazonian forests of South America, better known as cocoa or chocolate and the red berries of the Carissa bispinosa, an indigenous tree from the forests of the Southern Cape, better known as the num-num.

Tasting Notes:

Coco Carissa welcomes you at first with a  Turkish delight palate, which then develops into the slightly sweeter ripe berries nuance and finally a long, lingering dark chocolate finish. Always keeping with a subtle yet enduring juniper backbone, she is a luscious, complex gin that stays true to her character.

A soft rose on the nose followed by vanilla, almond, hints of sweet citrus and even a dash of cinnamon and spice complete the well-rounded experience. This bottle of  gin is for sharing!