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Bubbles – Method Cap Classique

There’s something giddy and ever so cheeky about bubbly wines! Everything about sparkling wine brings on a wave of excitement, from the anticipation of popping the cork to the first tingle of the bubbles in your mouth; it’s hard to beat a good sparkler.

Like all great things, champagne’s were discovered purely by accident and back in the day the bubbles were thought to be a flaw in the wine-making process. As we like to say, one man’s flaw is another’s favourite find.

If you’re looking for the real deal French Champagne then look no further! We even bring you a selection of Bubbles from Italy and Portugal and of course not many can top the sparkling wines that originate right here in South Africa.

Whether you’re a lover of the Brut, extra Sec or a bottle of extra dry sparkling wines and champagne’s we’ve got every type to tickle your tastebuds.