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Enjoyed as an after-dinner treat, or simply enjoyed by itself as you sit by the fire on a cold winter evening, Port is a sweet wine that is rich, decadent, and absolutely to die for.

Buy your favourite bottle of Port from Norman Goodfellows today. You’ll be in a wide range of some of the best knowns Port’s in South Africa and the world from winemakers like Bon Courage and BoPlaas.

The History Of Port

Port alcohol or Port wine is typically a sweet red wine that is served as or with dessert. It originated in Portugal and is considered a Portuguese fortified wine. Ports are produced by many famous winemakers in Portugal and across the world, including many South African wine estates too.

Our Range of Ports

At Norman Goodfellows, you’ll find a range of decadent brands at great Port wine prices. Port can be kept for years, so it makes the perfect gift to be savoured for years to come. One only needs to enjoy a few sips of this fortified sweet wine to enjoy its full impact. Find your favourite Port brand from the wide selection available from us today.

Order Port Online

Are you wondering where to buy port wine?  You can get your favourite Port brands and try some new ones at Norman Goodfellows online. We will deliver your order to your door too.

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Is Port a wine or a liquor?

Port is considered a fortified, sweet red wine but can also be made from other grape varietals like dry white grapes too.

Is Port good for drinking?

Port is meant to be savoured and sipped as an after-dinner drink or poured over a dessert.

What percentage of alcohol is Port?

As a fortified wine, Port has a higher percentage of alcohol of around 20% per volume.

What is the difference between Port and brandy?

Port is a fortified sweet wine made from grapes.