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Lagavulin Whisky

Imagine sipping a 16-year-old whisky on a cold winter’s night, huddled up next to a fire. This doesn’t have to be a dream if you buy Lagavulin Whisky from Norman Goodfellows now. You and your friends will love the smoky, complex mix of sea and moor that Lagavulin offers.

At Norman Goodfellows, you’ll find a wide range of single malt whiskies, like Lagavulin for sale, from all over the world including Scotland, Ireland, America, Taiwan and Japan. Choose your whisky of choice when you browse the range of whiskies in a variety of blends and flavours from Norman Goodfellows online or in-store now.

The History of Lagavulin Whisky

Lagavulin Whisky was founded and is still based today, on the southernmost island of Scotland called Islay. Legal distilling started in 1816 by John Johnston and has been perfected into the 16-year-old single malt Lagavulin Whisky that is so popular today.

Our Range of Lagavulin Whisky

At Norman Goodfellows, we stock the complex, rich and boggy 16-year-old whisky at a great Lagavulin price. When you buy Lagavulin online, you’ll be investing in a whisky that has been refined over hundreds of years and is one of the fastest-growing whisky brands in the world.

Browse our full range of Whisky from single malts to blends now and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of variety we have in stock.

Order Lagavulin Whisky Online

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Where to buy Lagavulin Whisky?

Norman Goodfellows is your one-stop shop for all whisky lovers out there. Whether you love an aged single malt whisky like Lagavulin, or a younger, richer blended whisky, you will find it now with us.

Where to buy Lagavulin Whisky near me?

Find a Norman Goodfellows store near you and chat with our friendly staff about your whisky tastes today.

How much does Lagavulin Whisky cost?

Wondering what the Lagavulin cost is? Shop at Norman Goodfellows now for great prices and unbeatable deals on whiskies, wines, beers, spirits, ciders and more.

What type of alcohol is Lagavulin Whisky?

Lagavulin is a Scottish single malt whisky made on Islay, Scotland’s southernmost island.

Can I buy Lagavulin Whisky Online?

You can buy Lagavulin whisky as well as a wide range of other whiskies from around the world online now at Norman Goodfellows. Delivery is available to your door too.