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El Jimador

Good tequila can be sipped slowly in the sun with friends to really drink in the essence of the agave plant. El Jimador tequila is a tequila brand known the world over for its 100% pure taste and blend.

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The History of El Jimador

El Jimador is inspired by the name given to Mexican farmers who harvest the agave plant, known as Jimadors. To be a Jimador you need years of training and skill because it takes a keen eye to know when an agave plant is ripe for the picking - a process which can take up to 12 years to perfect.

El Jimador is produced in Jalisco, Mexico where they plant the Weber blue agave plant to create this 100% pure tequila. El Jimador tequila is made without fillers and without added colours.

Our Range of El Jimador

At Norman Goodfellows, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of El Jimador products at competitive El Jimador prices. From the 750ml Reposado to the 750ml Blanco, find your favourite El Jimador tequila in stock now.

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Where to buy El Jimador?

Get your hands on the El Jimador Reposado or the El Jimador Blanco in 750ml bottles at Norman Goodfellows in-store or online now.

Where to buy El Jimador near me?

Visit our website to find the list of stores open right now across South Africa. Visit one of our stores today

How much does El Jimador cost?

El Jimador tequila is competitively priced for the unique and exclusive product and brand that it is. Shop at Norman Goodfellows for great prices and the widest range of spirits now.

What type of alcohol is El Jimador?

El Jimador is a tequila which has been picked, blended and expertly distilled by the Jimadors of Mexico from the Weber blue gave plant.

Can I buy El Jimador Online?

If you’re keen to browse for your booze online and get delivery to your door, visit Norman Goodfellows online now.