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If you love the crisp, clean taste of a pilsner beer, you’re going to love Hansa Pilsner. Hansa is a proudly local beer that has been drank by South Africans and people from all over the world since 1975.

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The History Of Hansa

In 1975, South African Breweries has the idea of creating a pilsner beer that had one goal in mind; to refresh the nation. Hansa beer began with the kiss of the Saaz hop, which was imported from the Czech Republic to be used in Hansa pilsner. Hansa is distinctly crisp and more refreshing and its low alcohol volume makes it light and easy to drink.

Our Range of Hansa

Get a case of Hansa Pilsner from Norman Goodfellows today. It’s the perfect beer for that daytime braai with friends thanks to its clean, crisp, refreshing taste. Why not send a case to your best friend for him (or her) to enjoy over the festive season too?

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Is Hansa a beer or cider?

Hansa is a South African beer fermented with the Saaz hop which comes from the Czech Republic.

Is Hansa a South African beer?

Hansa is a proudly South African beer brewed by SAB (South African Breweries)

Is Hansa a lager?

Hansa is considered a pilsner and not a lager

Where is Hansa Pilsner from?

Hansa is proudly brewed in South Africa and is one of the most enjoyed beer by local beer drinkers.