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If you’re looking to stock up on beer without having to brave the crowds and queues, Norman Goodfellows is here to help. We offer a wide selection of beer that can be purchased online with just a few clicks. From IPAs and ales to lagers and stouts, our extensive range offers something for everyone – no matter what your choice in beer may be! With delivery available across South Africa, as well as an easy-to-use website, buying beer online from Norman Goodfellows has never been more convenient. Start shopping now!

Different Types of Beer

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing afternoon beverage or a robust evening drink, buying beer online can help you discover the perfect brew. With so many types of beer out there, here’s a rundown of some of the most popular styles:

- Lager: The most widely consumed type of beer in the world, lagers are usually light-bodied, smooth and crisp with moderate bitterness and low hop aroma.

- Ale: Ales tend to be fuller-bodied and maltier than lagers but also slightly less carbonated. They often have a fruity, floral or spicy aroma from the hops used during brewing.

- Stout: Stouts are dark and heavy ales with a wide range of complexity. Roasted malts give stouts their distinct coffee-like flavour and deep colour.

Beer Brands For Any Occasion

If you’re looking to buy beer online, then look no further than our collection of brews. We have beer brands for any occasion, whether you're celebrating something special or just want to enjoy a cold one with friends, we've got the perfect selection for you - from classic lagers to unique IPAs and stouts.

Where to Buy Beer Online?

Do you want to buy beer online but don't know where to start? Norman Goodfellows has you covered. In our online store, you'll find the perfect brew. From speciality craft beers to widely available domestics and imports, there's something for everyone.


What is the most popular beer in South Africa?

If you're looking for the most popular beer in South Africa, you can't go wrong with a classic Castle Lager. It's been around since 1895 and is still a favourite among many South Africans.

How much does a six-pack of beer cost?

If you’re looking for a few frothy beverages to relax with after a long day, then you might be asking yourself: How much does a six-pack of beer cost? Well, the answer will depend on where you live and what kind of beers you want. There are craft brews that come in fancy cans that can set you back quite a bit more than your average lager or pilsner. But if all you need is something cold and refreshing, then chances are it won’t break the bank. Browse the Norman Goodfellows online store – you’ll find the beer for your budget.