The Perfect beers to Drink for Every Season

The Perfect beers to Drink for Every Season

Nothing says cheers quite like cracking open a crisp beer on a hot summer's day or afternoon. It’s best enjoyed all year around, whether at a braai with friends or family or on a night out to warm you up. In this blog post, we invite you to embark on a delightful journey exploring the world of seasonal beers. With each passing season, our beer preferences shift, and this guide is here to ensure that you have the perfect brew to complement every occasion.

Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, enjoy the occasional beer here and there or if you’re simply looking to expand your beer-drinking horizons, this comprehensive beer guide will equip you with the knowledge and recommendations needed to select the ideal beer for any time of the year.

Types of Beer

Beer is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed at any and every occasion. It’s also been around for centuries, and it has only improved over time like fine wine.

Each beer type carries its own set of unique characteristics, brewing processes, and flavor profiles. We'll delve into the nuances as well, discussing the distinctions between light and dark beers, hoppy and malty flavours, and the diverse range of aromas you can expect. By understanding the foundations of beer styles, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the world of seasonal brews.

To begin our beer exploration, let's familiarize ourselves with the different types of beer.

  • Lagers: Lagers are a type of beer that has been fermented at lower temperatures, which is why it has such a clean and crisp flavour profile. It’s typically light in colour and has a smooth and refreshing taste. Some popular examples include Castle Lager, Carling Black Label and Hansa Pilsner.
  • Ales: Ales beers are fermented at warmer temperatures and have a more robust and complex flavour profile. It can range from light and fruity to dark and malty. Some popular examples include Jack Black Brewing Co and Darling Brew Slow Beer.
  • Stouts: Stouts are dark and rich with roasted malt flavours that have a fuller body. It often has a strong coffee or chocolate character that many people love to sip on and enjoy. Some popular examples include Guinness Extra Stout and Murphy’s Irish Stout.
  • Wheat beers: Wheat beers are brewed with a significant proportion of wheat, which results in a distinct smoothness and sometimes cloudy appearance. In general, they have a citrusy and fuller mouthfeel to them. Some popular examples include Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy and Drifter Brewing Co. Cape Town Blonde.
  • Craft beers: Craft beers have become somewhat popular of the years as craft breweries expand the original beer landscape, such as fruit-infused beers and more.

Best Beers for Each Season

After discovering the different types of beers out there, which beer are you more likely to enjoy? There’s no wrong answer! The great thing about beer is that you can explore a different type each season. Ready to explore the best beers for each season of the year? Keep reading.

  • Summer: You’ll find us where the sun shines and the vibes are immaculate. This kind of scorching hot weather calls for refreshing and light-bodied beers. Picture yourself sipping on a crisp pilsner, a zesty wheat beer, or a fruity IPA as you bask in the warmth.
  • Autumn: As autumn approaches and the weather cools, so does the type of beer. Beers that capture the essence of the season are malty amber ales and spiced pumpkin brews that evoke cozy evenings.
  • Winter: When winter arrives, you’ll want to sip on a rich and full-bodied beer, such as robust stouts, warming winter ales, and spicy Belgian quadruples.
  • Spring: Finally, as spring blooms, beers that bring a sense of renewal are your floral IPAs, citrus-infused saisons, and other light yet flavourful options to accompany the rejuvenating season.

For those who prefer not to drink but still enjoy the “taste” of beer, there are a wide range of non-alcoholic beers that taste like the real deal, just without the alcohol.

Types of Beers in South Africa

For our readers in South Africa or those interested in the country's beer scene, we’ve got an exciting beer line up waiting for you. The beautiful country of South Africa boasts a vibrant craft beer culture, with local breweries producing a wide range of styles and flavours.

The most popular beer in South Africa currently is the award-winning Carling Black Label. It’s known for its strong earthy taste and smooth finish. Coming up second, is the Lion Lager, which contains a slightly malt aroma but has a lower alcohol content. Last but not least, is Castle Lager that is loved for its warm and heady taste.

You'll discover some of the best locally produced craft beers, showcasing the talent and creativity of South African brewers. Some popular South African breweries are:

  • Stumpnose Brewery
  • YNG GNS Brewery
  • Starke Brews
  • Kimberley Diamond Brewing Co.

Buying Beer Online

Why wait in line when you can get what you want online and delivered right outside your door? In this digital age, buying beer online has become increasingly popular, offering convenience and access to a vast selection of brews.

Here at Norman Goodfellows, you have the opportunity to shop in-store or online - whichever your heart desires. We’ve made the online purchasing journey incredibly simple and easy to follow and can be done in 3 steps.

  1. Register an account online with us.
  2. Browse the products that you’re interested in and add to your cart.
  3. Check out and make sure all your details are correct for delivery.

Embrace the seasons and the ever-evolving world of beer, and let your taste buds embark on a delicious adventure. So, why not explore our diverse beers in all flavours and styles today and indulge in the perfect beverage for every season? Cheers to delightful drinking experiences and memorable moments!