The Health Benefits of Wine

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The Health Benefits of Wine

First off, let’s just say that drinking wine in excess is really not going to do your body any good. The health benefits of wine are easily negated by the excessive consumption thereof. Drinking wine in moderation however is absolutely going to do the trick. This article speaks primarily to the health benefits of red wine, of which there have been many many studies on this exact topic, lets sum them up…

Moderate Consumption of Wine

One unit of wine is equal to 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol. The average glass of red wine contains about 12% alcohol and a large 250ml glass counts as 3 units of alcohol. For women, moderate consumption of wine would amount to no more than 3 units of wine a day, for men a maximum of 4 units of alcohol is considered moderate.

Reduces The Risk of Heart Attacks And Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

Moderate consumption of wine makes one 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack than a non-drinker. Studies have shown that wine dilates the arteries and thereby reduce the risk of blood clogs clogging the arteries. Additionally, by promoting good cholesterol, wine prevents the bad cholesterol (known as LDL) from damaging the arteries.

Reduces The Risk of Strokes

While statistically the moderate consumption of red wine may lower your risk of having a stroke, it has also been proven that it can protect the nerves in your brain from damage following a stroke. Resveratrol, a compound in red wine can be thanked for this.

Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Again, resveratrol has proven instrumental providing health benefits. In this case it provides increased sensitivity to insulin, which is helpful to those who may be on the path to insulin resistance and as a result, diabetes.

Preventing Cancer

The damaged cells which can lead to cancer are killed by resveratrol by cutting off the pathways which feed cancer cells. In addition red wine is loaded with antioxidants which further boost its cancer fighting abilities. In particular wine is especially efficient when it comes to preventing colon, breast, prostate, oral, throat and liver cancer.

Those are just a few health benefits of drinking wine, there really are many more. What’s most important to remember however is that drinking in excess can result in a myriad of problems. The chances of having developing pancreatitis, hypertension, arrhythmias and cirrhosis among others are increased by drinking in excess. Ideally you want to remain in the ‘sweet spot’, this way you get to live a longer, fuller and healthier life. Cheers to that!