Simply Gorgeous! The Graham Beck Pinot Noir

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Simply Gorgeous! The Graham Beck Pinot Noir

Deriving its name from the favoured term of endearment of the late Mr Graham Beck, Gorgeous offers a fruit driven and easy-drinking lifestyle wine, which pays homage to the noble complexity of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Gorgeous, is the first still wine produced from classic Methode Cap Classique varieties made by cellarmaster Pieter Ferreira.

The wine’s sumptuousness lies in its fruit succulence, drinkability and refreshment. With a lower alcohol of 11% in a bid to follow the international move towards responsible alcohol consumption, Gorgeous remains ever more attractive.

The Pinot Noir contributes the richness and backbone with hints of ripe berries and a touch of spice, while the Chardonnay lends fruit and elegance with its characteristic notes of peachy citrus brightness. Its vibrant, copper-tinged pink colour and eye-catching packaging make for a wine that is also visually appealing.

Gorgeous delivers a richly textured taste sensation with intriguing layers that unfold delicately on the palate. This wine features spicy, mineral scented aromas of orange blossom, jasmine and pear followed by layers of mouth filling raspberry cream, grapefruit, lime and honey-dewy melon flavours. A Juicy acidity provides the perfect balance followed by a clean, satisfying finish.

Vivacious and versatile, Gorgeous makes the perfect companion to a wide range of food including delightful summer salads, poultry, cream-based dishes, veal or salmon; or simply quaffed as a refreshing aperitif.

Gorgeous has been crafted using fruit from young, newly planted vineyards of Pinot Noir (58%)and Chardonnay (42%).