Once Upon A Time There Was a Grocer and His Son

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Once Upon A Time There Was a Grocer and His Son

It may sound like a bed time story, but back in the 1800’s there was a grocer and wine merchant and his son who lived in Perthshire. Mathew Gloag and his son, William, were not to know, but their descendants of these humble beginnings would one day make a world famous whisky.

Jump ninety years forward and William’s cousin had taken over the Mathew Gloag & Son business. He had and entered the flourishing market for blended whiskies. To meet the demands of the growing number of wealthy Victorian tourists, Matthew decided to create a very special whisky for discerning customers. He called it The Grouse Brand and his daughter Phillippa drew the iconic Red Grouse game bird for the label for the very first time.

This whisky became so popular that Matthew quite rightly decided to add the word ‘famous’ to the name. And so it became The Famous Grouse Brand.  Known for its unsurpassed combination of carefully chosen fine grain whiskies with some equally exceptional malts, The Famous Grouse taste, flavour and bouquet made it one of the most celebrated blended whiskies of its time.


The Famous Grouse

Scotland’s favourite whisky is a blend crafted from the finest malt whiskies, such as The Macallan and Highland Park, married with exceptional grain whiskies, for the smoothest possible.

APPEARANCE: Full golden, clear and bright

AROMA: Well balanced oak, sherry with a citrus hint

TASTE: Medium full flavour, mature, Speyside fruitiness

FINISH: Good length, clean and medium dry.


The Black Grouse

The Black Grouse combines our famous blend with specially selected peated malts to create a rich, dark, russet whisky with a rich, soft, smoky nose.

APPEARANCE: Dark, russet golden, clear and bright

AROMA: Smoky, soft, musky, rich and full

TASTE: Full flavour, spice and dried fruits, smoke through the oak, with all The Famous Grouse smoothness.

FINISH: Long, smoky and aromatic.