Norman GoodFellows features in Industry SA Magazine

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Norman GoodFellows features in Industry SA Magazine

Africa’s fastest growing business magazine has profiled Norman Goodfellows in their recent edition. Speaking to the CEO Solly Kramer, Industry SA discusses how the business and brand has grown since 1976, and the recent launch of a new distribution centre and innovative app for their customers.


A family business that grew up

In an interview with Industry SA CEO Solly Kramer explains how his father, Norman Kramer began the business over 30 years ago. The company has grown to over 140 employees, some of which started with the company back in 1976.

With high attention given to customer shopping satisfaction Norman Goodfellows takes training of staff seriously to deliver exceptional service. Staff are well educated on all spirits, malts and wines so that they may better assist customers in their choices.

“Each year five different members of our staff are sent down to do the harvest in the Cape with various wine farms. They do two days during harvest learning the whole wine-making process. These are people who often have very little education that are thrown into it and in a short time considerably expand their knowledge base.”

Norman Goodfellows currently has three stores in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town and strives to maintain the same high standard across all three. Mystery shoppers are sent in to observe the customer service levels while the CEO himself calls each shop, without the staff knowing, to check the level of response received.


Expanding into distribution

As the company continues to grow, Kramer realised that the current premises would be inefficient to handle the new volume. “We were operating out of a very small warehouse; it had one exit and one entrance which were the same. We were running 18 to 28 vehicles in and out of there so we had to move,” says Kramer.

Norman Goodfellows opened up a new warehouse and distribution centre which would allow the business to not only buy in bulk but also buy better so that the consumer could continue to receive a superior product offering.


Providing innovative and exceptional service

Now with 22 vehicles running, the business ensures that it knows exactly where each truck is every minute with a live tracking system, so that they can give their customers an exact time of when stock will be delivered.

Norman Goodfellows is also making a name for itself in the party business. “We probably handle 90% of the big function catering in Johannesburg, we offer a huge service in terms of glasses, bars, beer kegs, beer machines, waiters, cocktail-ware, beautiful bars made ready for cocktails; an entire party service, “ says Kramer.

Constantly exploring new ways to improve their customers’ experience Norman Goodfellows has also launched an innovative online shopping app. The app will offer customers unique specials and deals once downloaded. It shows the total stock available at Norman Goodfellows, as well as the services on offer. Customers can select what they will need for a function and order it through the app.


The business vision

Norman Goodfellows retail stores do not resemble the normal liquor stores. The business prides itself in creating aesthetically appealing stores to ensure a memorable experience for its customers.

With plans to grow even further nationally, Norman Goodfellows is planning a distribution centre in Cape Town, as well as a retail store in Durban. But the business does not want to stop there: “We are hoping to expand into Africa over the next few years, and are already speaking to some people in Nigeria and Botswana,” says Kramer.