Keep Up to Date with NGF Alcohol Events

Keep Up to Date with NGF Alcohol Events

Your Guide to Tasting, Networking and Brand Events

Life is all about connecting; making friends, networking, attending events and trying new things. Many drink fests and alcohol events are a great way to meet people that share the same keen taste you have for certain beverages. If you’re somewhat of a social butterfly and enjoy an occasional drink here and there, NGF Alcohol Events is calling your name.

Good tastings require good company, that’s why we’ve launched our very own series of NGF Alcohol Events for like-minded people like you. This can be your go-to resource for discovering and attending fun and cheers-worthy alcohol events in South Africa.

With that being said, Norman Goodfellows is committed to providing exceptional wine and spirits products and services to our customers. Our expertise reflects in our events and only enhances the experience. We strive to create a premium experience for all attendees at our NGF Alcohol Events.

Benefits of Attending Alcohol Events

Apart from the alcohol event being incredibly fun and rewarding, they offer numerous other benefits for individuals and businesses alike, such as:

For individuals:

  • Education and exploration: Tasting events offer the opportunity to try new products and expand your knowledge of wine and spirits.
  • Networking opportunities: Attending alcohol events allows you to connect with like-minded people.
  • Access to experts: Alcohol events feature presentations, workshops and tasting sessions conducted by renowned experts. If you’ve been eager to learn more from these events, you can gain valuable insights and tips from these experts.

For businesses:

  • Brand exposure: By participating in alcohol events, you can showcase your brand and products to increase brand visibility.
  • Product promotion and sales: Alcohol events offer a valuable platform to promote your products directly to consumers and influencers.
  • Market research: Networking events provide a platform to meet industry professionals and build relationships. Your business can network with key players and explore potential partnerships.

Overall, as an individual or for your business, brand events offer a chance to discover new products and engage with industry experts.

Types of Alcohol Events to Attend

Alcohol events that focus on taste-testing are very popular gatherings that revolve around the appreciation, exploration and education of specific wines or spirits. They bring together people from all walks of life that are either professionals, enthusiasts, connoisseurs or just curious to learn more and appreciate the art of testing.

At Norman Goodfellows, we offer a variety of alcohol events to suit everyone’s interests. Our tasting events specifically have a focus on wine and spirits, and offer the opportunity to engage with industry experts, production techniques and expanding palates.

Whilst a networking event involves alcohol, it’s not necessarily a “tasting” event. It’s about facilitating professional connections and building relationships with people in a specific industry. Norman Goodfellows’ networking events offer the opportunity to meet industry professionals and build relationships.

Brand events, on the other hand, promote new products on the market and offer a chance for individuals to engage with customers. It’s not as relaxed as tasting, it’s on the same level as networking events where businesses connect and build relationships and learn about the new products at the event.

Food and Beverage for Events

There’s a reason why wine tastings are paired with cheese and crackers. What is an alcohol event if there is no food to pair it with? Food and beverage for alcohol events enhances the overall guest experience and creates a harmonious sensory journey. Plus, let’s be honest - food and alcohol are two of the greatest things to enjoy at events.

At NGF, we pride ourselves on a customer experience second to none. We also understand the importance of selecting the perfect wine and spirits to complement your event menu. That's why we offer a range of food and beverage services for events, and we can assist you in selecting the perfect pairing for your occasion.

Alcohol Advent Calendar: A Unique Way to Discover New Products

Yes, alcohol advent calendars are a thing and they’re an amazing and unique way to discover new products. If you’re always looking to try something new and spice up your life, then the Norman Goodfellows alcohol advent calendar is for you.

Everyone knows those Christmas advent calendars, where each day has a yummy chocolate inside for the day of that month. The alcohol advent calendar is no different to this! For each day of the month, there is a different alcoholic product in the calendar. How fun and exciting!

Here at Norman Goodfellows, you can expect nothing less but unrivalled products and services. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these epic alcohol event calendars, we offer them in South Africa, making it the perfect way to expand your knowledge of wines and spirits.

NGF's Commitment to Exceptional Service

Unrivalled products at best prices and unbeatable service, exceptional service is what we stand for. The next time you’re planning an event or function or even throwing a party, we offer function and event planning services to enhance your event experience. We also provide great value-added services such as gift wrapping, gift cards, delivery to all major centres, international delivery and much more.

To find out about upcoming NGF Alcohol Events, simply visit our website. Here, you can register for an event and find out more about what to wear to an alcohol tasting event. If you're planning an event, we can assist with selecting wine and spirits to suit your occasion. And, if you're interested in an alcohol advent calendar, we have you covered with our offerings in South Africa.

Attending NGF Alcohol Events and using our expertise and services offers numerous benefits for those who appreciate high-quality products and exceptional service. We invite you to visit our website and discover our upcoming events and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I find out about upcoming NGF Alcohol Events?

You can stay up to date with upcoming NGF Alcohol Events by visiting the NGF website or by subscribing to our newsletter. Our website has a dedicated page for events, where you can find information about upcoming tastings, networking events, and brand events.

How do I register for an NGF Alcohol Event?
You can register for an NGF Alcohol Event by visiting the event page on our website and following the registration instructions. Some events may require pre-registration, while others may allow for walk-ins. Be sure to check the event details to ensure you have all the necessary information before attending.

What should I wear to an alcohol tasting event?

The dress code for alcohol tasting events varies depending on the event's theme and location. In general, smart casual attire is appropriate. Avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes that could interfere with the aroma of the wines and spirits you will be tasting.

Can NGF assist with selecting wine and spirits for my event?

Yes, NGF can assist with selecting wine and spirits for your event. Our team of experts can provide recommendations based on your preferences and budget, and can also assist with food and beverage pairing.

How do I order an alcohol advent calendar from NGF?

You can order an alcohol advent calendar from NGF by visiting our website and selecting the calendar you would like to purchase. We offer a variety of options featuring wines, spirits, and beers, and our team can provide recommendations based on your preferences. Shipping is available throughout South Africa, and international shipping can also be arranged.