Its time to invest in Whisky

Its time to invest in Whisky

Rare whisky has become a lucrative option for the canny investor, but what makes this spirit such a good prospect, and how do we make the right whisky investment choices?

It really depends on what’s driving your decision and what your end goal is. ‘Collectors’ can be completely different to ‘investors’.

Collectors can be driven by a whole range of different criteria: one bottle from every distillery, every bottle from just one single distillery, birth year vintages, Islay distilleries, sherry cask matured whisky… The list is endless and increasing values are often just a by-product of the collection.

From an investment perspective, you’re looking for bottles which will experience the highest demand in the market. Whisky investing is an economically simple market, it's supply versus demand.

Whisky cant pay a dividend like equities and it cant give a rental yield like property, so capital appreciation is the aim.

The main index for Scotch whisky, rose by 14 percent last year, significantly outperforming wine and gold.

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