Have you ever tried the Sazerac Cocktail?

Have you ever tried the Sazerac Cocktail?

Do you enjoy a good Sazerac Rye Whiskey or Trace Bourbon? Then this is the cocktail for you!

As the story goes, the Sazerac Cocktail begins its history in 1838. This is where Antoine Amedie Peychaud treated his friends to brandy toddies made from a secret family recipe. The toddies were made using a double-ended egg cup as a measuring cup, known as a "coquetier". It was from this word that the modern-day term "cocktail" was derived.

By 1850, the Sazerac Cocktail, combining Sazerac French brandy and Peychaud's Bitters, was very popular. In time it became the first ever branded cocktail. Eventually the cocktail was altered to use American Rye whiskey and this is when the Sazerac Cocktail was born, bottled and marketed by the Sazerac Company to worldwide acclaim.

Jump to 2000, and we finally received an Official Sazerac Cocktail recipe, which was modified to use Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

So now that the history lesson is over, let’s take a look at how exactly you put this historic cocktail together, for your drinking pleasure.

What you need for the Official Sazerac Cocktail:

Method to the madness of the Sazerac Cocktail:

Find an old-fashioned glass in your cupboard. Start packing with a lot of ice!

Now in another glass, place a sugar cube and add some Bitters in for good measure. Now crush the sugar cube, like you mean it.

Finally, add the Sazerac Rye Whiskey or Buffalo Trace Bourbon to the second glass with the Bitters and sugar.

After this, empty the ice from the first glass and start coating the glass with Herbsaint. Following this, empty the whiskey, bitters and sugar mixture into the first glass. Then garnish the glass with lemon peel for some citrus edge.

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