Got Some Party Planning To Do? Let us help!

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Got Some Party Planning To Do? Let us help!

It’s that time of year when everyone is planning some sort of event. The pressure that comes with party planning can be immense, but don’t have a panic attack just yet. Norman Goodfellows is here to help! Not only do we sell a massive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we also provide alcohol delivery; gift wrapping, cellar appraisals and party planning. Our party planning advice is the kind you only get from experts who have been in the industry for over 35 years, so read carefully and be sure to contact us once you have done so. We will gladly help you plan the perfect party!

A Head Count

Once you have decided to host an event, the best place to start your party planning adventure is with an estimate of how many guests will be in attendance. Without this in mind you can’t really make any solid decisions regarding your budget and venue. If you have extended invites far in advance you are less likely to end up with the dreaded no-shows.

The Type of Event

So something big is happening, and you know that you will need to provide refreshments. The type of event will set the entire tone for the exact kind of refreshments you will serve. If it is, for instance, a corporate event, you may prefer not to serve hardtack, if it’s a birthday party… well, you will definitely need some tequila! If you have a theme, what better than refreshments to complement your theme? There are however no hard and fast rules, ultimately it’s your event and you can serve whatever you like.

The Budget

Depending on how many people you will play host to, you can start to form a budget. Bear in mind that running out of beverages really will detract from any atmosphere you are trying to create. It is far better to buy a bit more than you think you need simply because Norman Goodfellows will gladly accept and refund any unopened items. That is a huge relief for anyone who has doubts regarding the quantities they may require. The budget can also be the difference between a casual low-key event and an extravagant affair.

Your Venue

Next up is the venue, your choice in venue should be tailored not only to your personal taste, and your budget but also to your guest list. There’s no point in picking a large open venue if you only have 30 guests; and vice versa. When you are scouting venues also consider practical matters such as exit and entry points, parking availability and whether the venue has its own bar or not.

The Beverages

Now that you have locked down the key aspects of your event, you can consider the type of beverages you would like to serve. Be it high-end wine and exclusive whiskeys, local beers or cocktails, you need to decide what it is that your guests will enjoy the most. This is where knowing the demographics of your guests will come in handy, usually you have a better shot at guessing what they will like if you have a rough idea of their ages and interests. It will also come in handy to know that Norman Goodfellows has an extensive range of kosher wines, spirits, malts and soft drinks on offer.

Added Extras

You can rent a whole range of extras and accessories. Coolers, ice buckets and bottle openers are just the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you choose to host your event at a venue without a bar, we can offer you a mobile bar and, of course, glasses. If you do decide to stock your bar with products from the shelves of Norman Goodfellows, your rental glasses will be available free of charge.

Door to Door

Do you need reliable alcohol delivery? Yup, Norman Goodfellows will deliver right to your venue on time and collect both the rented equipment and the unopened stock. All you need to do is specify your exact needs and you will be accommodated.

Advice From The Professionals

Party planning can be a crazy task to say the least. Norman Goodfellows take pride in the fact that over the last 35 years we have kept in touch with that whos and the whats of the industry. Your trusty adviser will give you the heads up when it comes to venues, caterers and most importantly which wine your guests will enjoy the most. Don’t be afraid to draw from our wealth of knowledge and experience!

Now that you have had a good think as to what exactly you are in for, give us a call. Don’t go party planning alone. Take Norman Goodfellows with you on your adventure!