For the Admirers of the Craft

Brewers & Union Beast of the Deep 500ml, Darling Brew Native Ale 550ml (x8), Innis & Gunn Original 330ml x12, News -

For the Admirers of the Craft

Craft beer has certainly catapulted itself into the limelight, calling for distinction above its commercial offering. Sure, it may come from micro-distillers and you may not be able to find it everywhere, but that’s what sets it apart from the rest of the fermented hops fraternity.

What makes it so unique to the market is its playful cheekiness. Well thought out names (who can resist drinking something called the bone crusher?) and interesting taste experiences (chocolate beer is becoming a firm favourite with the ladies) make craft beer all about choice in a small corner of the beer market.

The prices might be a little more than you would expect from a beer, but sometimes it’s not all about the price tag. Sometimes it’s about throwing back a mouthful of The Beast of the Deep, or savouring some Native Ale, or pausing to appreciate an Original. Go on – crack one of these beauties open next time a cold one calls your name.


Brewers & Union Beast of the Deep

One of the first craft beers on the scene in South Africa, the Brewers & Union Beast of the Deep Unfiltered Lager has a tropical fruit aroma and a creamy, smooth mouth feel. A honey character with a chewy, biscuity malt holds the backbone, while a dry, smooth richness finishes this elegant beer.

LOOK: Cloudy dark amber colour. Thick creamy head

TASTE: Fruity, with honey, biscuity aromas and an elegant dry finish


Darling Brew Native Ale

A brown ale, rusty with plenty of spicy hops and a crisp finish. Well balanced, this is a fruity beer that pairs well with everything from crispy fish and chips to spicy curry.

LOOK: Dark brown ale. Light head that dissipates quickly

TASTE: Robust flavours, smoky and silky with fruity flavours


Innis & Gunn Original

Their firstborn brew; The Innis & Gunn Original’s accidental discovery began their story in 2003. Its originality also lies in its singular taste – notes of biscuity malt and vanilla swirling within a creamy, mellow character.

LOOK: Golden honey, with caramel and rich roasted malts

TASTE: Incredibly smooth with a delicious toffee character and a light hop fruitiness.