Castle Lite is No Lightweight in its Category

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Castle Lite is No Lightweight in its Category

Competing in a very competitive market, Castle Lite has proven to be an innovator in the Premium Lager space. The SAB has continued to refresh the brand to give it a distinctive positioning and stronger consumer affiliation.

Focusing on lessons learned across the product offering, SAB gave Castle Lite the “Cold” defining characteristic, which has been a success with the South African Beer drinkers. A light-hearted advertising campaign (featuring none other than Vanilla Ice) as well as a snowflake that turns blue to show that your Castle Lite is cold enough for you to enjoy has been a hit among drinkers.

Although Castle Lite is not a true light beer; containing 4% alcohol compares to 3% or less of other light beers; it does however offer a lower calorie count for those watching their waistbands. This doesn’t mean that you’re considered a lightweight if you drink a light lager; Castle Lite has a growing fan base with more and more beer lovers opting for the lighter side of things.

The Extreme Cold light lager undergoes a low temperature fermentation to give it that crisp, cleaner taste and is best served at -4 degrees to enjoy that extra cold draught.