5 new ways to drink tequila

5 new ways to drink tequila

Do you think that margaritas or straight shots are the only way to drink tequila? Here are few more ideas if you want to try something a little different.  

Typically, when you’re drinking tequila, we think of big salt-encrusted glasses filled up with a complimentary slice of lime alongside this alcohol of choice.  

But there are many other ways to consume this death—dealer of alcohol! So, let’s explore some other tequila options here.

Here are some great ways to quench your thirst:


For the Bandera, you need to make three shots: one with white tequila, one with red sangrita and the third shot has key lime. These all represent the Mexican flag (Bandera) in one drink. Does this sound like your kind of drink?

Con sangrita:

This concoction is essentially a shot of tequila combined with a shot of sangrita and chili-infused tomato juice blend. This is a spicy affair for your taste buds!


Select a well-aged tequila for this drink. Treat it like a fine brandy. Drink one sip pre-dinner and post-dinner for the best pairing with your meal.


Translating to “knock on the head”, a Coscorron may be right up your tequila alley. How does it all come together you ask?

Just take a bit of lemon or lime soda and then combine this with a couple drops of key lime to a shot of tequila, and you will have the drink in question.

Following this, take your hand and cover the top of the shot glass. Now gently tap the shot glass and drink the shot down. You will soon feel the “knock on the head”.


The Submarino combines two of our favourite alcoholic beverages, tequila and beer. Normally, what you do here is to take a shot of tequila and invert it inside a beer mug. When you start drinking the beer the shot glass will let the tequila saturate the beer. It’s interesting to say the least.

For a great variety of tequila to use in the above drink suggestions, check out our Patron range of tequila. You won’t regret it!